Monday, 11 August 2014

Helpful  Friendly  Honest  Advice

Life is all about making choices.
CONGRATULATIONS you have already made some good choices to find this website!
We make countless choices every day, some easy and some difficult. We struggle with a barrage of information and contradictory advice on a multitude of matters all the time.
We all want to make the right decisions and avoid making mistakes. But how do we know what the right decision is?
Are you looking for a professional cleaning company that’s different? A company you can trust? A company that is there for you?
Well, on the subject of looking after you carpets, rugs and hard floors, CONGRATULATIONS again, you have found the right company!
We at Direct Cleaners are passionate and enthusiastic about what we do, giving, helping and advising you to get the very best cleaning, restoration & maintenance for your floors, and helping you make the right choices by giving you the best and totally honest advice.
For example. If we don’t think it can be cleaned, we’ll tell you. If all you need is a light maintenance clean, we’ll tell you. If you need a deep restorative clean… you got it, we’ll tell you.
We have been in the floor cleaning business since 1991 and run the business as a small family business. We are down to earth, friendly, hard-working, honest people that I know you’ll be glad you found us.

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