Sunday, 28 September 2014

Why are you so expensive?

This is a question we occasionally get asked.

We may not be the cheapest professional carpet cleaning company around and we are certainly not the most expensive, but the aim is to deliver carpets that are cleaned, without compromising on standards. This includes using the best equipment, products, machines and employees along with ongoing professional raining.
I personally don’t think we are expensive, (but I would say that wouldn’t I), because of the extra value and service we deliver over and above the majority of carpet cleaning companies in operation.
So, we do deliver a premium service but we’re not expensive. We provide massive value for the honest price we charge – here’s ten reasons why;
· 1. Thorough CleaningYou will get the use the most through cleaning method there is. Some cleaning methods use chemicals that will leave residues on your carpet and doesn’t remove the dirt, it just covers it up. We leave no residue is left in your carpet, just water and it is also very powerful. Your carpets are cleaned all the way down to the base of your carpet removing harmful dirt and bacteria leaving your carpet fresh, clean and healthy.
· 2. 100% Money Back Guarantee

I personally ensure that you are 100% delighted with our work or we’ll come straight back and put it right. If you are still not truly happy, I'll write you a cheque for every penny you have spent with us.
· 3. Honest Pricing  No high-pressure sales gimmicks, no hidden costs. Just honest, friendly advice. The prices quoted are fully inclusive. There are no extras. The price quoted includes EVERYTHING - all the solutions, machinery and man-power we need to get the job done.

We only have one standard of cleaning - thorough, professional and exhaustive.
· 4. FREE Consumers Guide - I've dedicated this business to helping you and other consumers to understand carpet & upholstery cleaning. That's why I publish my Consumer's Guide to Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning go to or to download the PDF booklet.

· 5. Allergy Control - We are licensed applicators of PROmiteÔ which is a very effective dust mite eliminator. If you didn’t know, dust mites are one of the major contributors of indoor allergens and are closely associated with asthma and other respiratory illnesses.
· 6. 7 Days to Pay – If you like, you don’t have to pay me straight away after your carpets have been cleaned. Postdate your cheque to make sure that you are absolutely 100 per cent thrilled and delighted with the work I’ve done for you.
· 7. The Price You Pay Is the Price We QuoteYou will get a Free Consultation that offers free advice on the best system to use for your carpet type, conditions and requirements. We can also advise how well it should clean and whether certain stains may or may not be removed. You’ll also get a full written quotation that includes EVERYTHING to get the jobs done correctly and to the highest standard.
· 8. We don’t use cheap, old-fashioned dirty vacuums – We clean for health and so we use state-of-the-art-Professional Sebo vacuums cleaners that are not only super-effective dry soil dirt suckers, but is used to pre-vacuum your carpets to remove the dry soil before the wet cleaning process. You should note, it is estimated that 90% of ‘professional’ cleaning companies do not use the pre-vac process, which is one reason why carpet cleaning related problems can often occur. 
· 9. We offer specialised, focused cleaning for health packages – Every home is different and we recognise that different homes will benefit from different cleaning processes and techniques. So we have developed a tailor-made cleaning prescription process which means you get the most thorough cleaning delivered to you no matter what your particular circumstances.
· 10. We use a unique 9-Step cleaning process – We don’t just cut corners and provide a brush-the-dirt off type cleaning service – we exhaustively, professionally and thoroughly clean using an industry-leading 8 step process which provides the cleanest, healthiest carpet you’ve ever seen.
Call 020 8687 1711 to book your free consultation, or go to to book you quote online.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

What should you expect from your Tile & Grout Cleaner & Restorer?

Here are the 5 most important things to look for when choosing a Hard Floor or Tile and grout cleaner.

Free Survey - You should always get a free survey and assessment to discuss your requirements and identify the floor type and condition. This will normally take 20-30 minutes and should give you a very good idea what to expect from the cleaning & restoration company.

Written Quote - No surprises!! Make sure the price you are quoted includes everything. The best way to do this is to have a written quote that explains exactly what you are getting and what is not included. Avoid quotes a given over the phone or having a ‘verbal’ quote.

Written Guarantee – Is their work guaranteed? If so, how long for? Is the guarantee in writing? If you are not sure, these are the question you should be asking before you go ahead with any work.

Proof of Training & Certification - I have seen so many problems arising from poorly trained or untrained technicians. Just because someone has been doing this for ’20 years’ doesn’t mean they have been doing it right for ’20 years’! Ask to see their last training certificates, ideally it should be less than a year or two old, even if they have been doing it for ‘20 years’.

Membership of a Quality Trade Association – Look for trade association logo’s on the companies ad’s, website or paperwork etc. This can give you some back-up should a problem arise. If in doubt, you can always check with the association if the company is really a member.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Tile & Grout Cleaning Challenges and How to Deal with Them

One of the most popular questions asked about tile and grout flooring is; How do I keep my tile and grout floor looking clean?

Here are some of the most common concerns we come across and some suggested solutions...

· Pitting or Indentations in the Tile that Attracts Dirt - There are many types of tiles like these in the stores today that are very popular. The great thing about these is they can have a nice ‘rustic’ look and anti-slip properties. The problem is that dirt and soils can easily fall into the pits and very quickly get dirty. This is not an easy problem to deal with. One answer is to use a wet & dry cleaner too blast and vacuum the dirt out of the pits. If done regularly enough, this can keep the floor in a reasonable condition.  Other than that, once the floor has been professionally cleaned, a regular maintenance plan will really help to keep it cleaned and maintained.
· Grout Discoloring or Looking Dirty Very Quickly – Sometimes if you have a grout colour that is too light for the floor or area it is in, it can start to look darker or dirty very quickly. The first thing to do is to protect the grout with an impregnator sealer. If this doesn’t work, or it’s too late for this, then a deep professional clean could help. You may even be able to re-colour the grout to something that is more suitable to the tile and area it is in.
· Missing or Cracking Grout - That tile in your kitchen or bathroom looked so stunning when it was first put down. But over time, you start to notice that the grout is cracking and pitting. You can repair the grout and give your tile that beautiful look it had just after it was put in. By following a few simple steps, you can repair cracked, pitted grout and have your tile looking great again. It involves removing all the old grout and reapplying new grout. 
· Tile Looking Flaky or Dull – This problem only occurs on certain types of tile, most often if the tile has been polished with a topical surface polish. This is normally due to the polish wearing out or having completely worn off the tile. The best way to solve this is to strip, seal and polish the tiles and maintain with a neutral PH floor maintainer.

For help with your tile and grout flooring challenges contact us on 020 8687 1711,

Monday, 15 September 2014

“It’s Astounding The Miracle Self-Cleaning Carpet!”

“And You Don’t Even Have To Replace Your Carpet!!

“Discover How too You Can Have A Self-Cleaning Carpet!”

The Dinner Party…
Imagine this...
You’re having a dinner party with friends. Someone spills a glass of Red Wine all over your carpet. You smile and assure your friend it is not a problem. Five minutes later the stain is completely gone.

The In-laws…

You’ve got the in-laws coming to visit the day after tomorrow. But one of the children walk-in mud all over the carpet. On top of that, grease or tar from the pavement has been walked in and left greasy marks everywhere. NO PROBLEM. By the time the in-laws arrive the carpet looks like new again!

The Two Year Old…

You’re two year old drops their favourite biscuit on the carpet, picks it up and eats it. Normally you would be terrified, but you know your two year old is completely safe, your carpet is the cleanest and safest it could ever be.

A Nightmare or a Dream...?

For all of the above you haven’t got your cheque-book out, haven’t paid any call-out fees or paid anyone a single penny. Is it a dream…? NO. You have a Self-Cleaning Carpet… Or a Perfect Care Carpet Maintenance Plan from Direct Cleaners.
Be The Envy of Your all Friends & Neighbours

The Perfect Care Carpet Maintenance Plan from Direct Cleaners gives you the carpets your friends, neighbours and relatives will envy.

Water Tight

Your carpets are protected with the best Stain protection on the market, backed-up with a ‘no hassle’ water tight free call-out stain guarantee.


Your carpets are treated with the best dust mite eliminator on the market, making your carpets the safest carpets they could ever be.


Your carpets are systematically cleaned and maintained every six months and re-protected every twelve months, making your carpets the cleanest anyone could ever have.

So, you get stain and dust mite carpet protection, regular carpet cleaning and free stain removal call-out, 365 days a year.

Cost Effective

To hire a professional carpet cleaning company to carry out all the above on an average 3 bedroom house would cost you between £400-£700 per year.

The Perfect Care Carpet Maintenance Plan from Direct Cleaners cost from only £25 per month. This Includes free stain call-out 365 days a year two maintenance cleans, stain & dust mite protection. It’s like having your very own carpet cleaning expert on call 24/7 whenever you need him! Priceless.

Free Gifts

You also get some free gifts such as a Life-Time supply of Master Stain remover (worth £17.99).

Full 7 Day, No Risk, Iron-Clad Money Back, Guarantee.

When we clean your carpets, you are fully covered by our 7 day no risk money back guarantee. You can post-date your cheque for 7 days if you like. If you are not completely satisfied with the work I will be straight back & put it right. If your are still not happy, I will not bank your cheque! What could be fairer? You have nothing to lose but the dirt.

Book now for your free, no obligation, written quotation. We will then start the Perfect Care Carpet Maintenance Plan to give you the cleanest, safest, freshest carpets you’ve ever had.

Call Kevin Goodwin now on 020 8687 1711


Wednesday, 10 September 2014

How to Maintain Your Tile and Grout Floor

Once we’ve cleaned and re-stored a tile & grout or natural stone floor, the biggest question we get is… How do I keep it looking clean?
Okay, so you’ve now got a lovely, new looking, clean floor… How do you keep it looking clean?!
The following is to give you a guide on how to keep your Tile & Grout floors looking great and well maintained for a long time. Please note, I cannot cover all types of floors and conditions so this is intended to give you a general idea on maintaining tile & grout floors.
Regular Vacuuming – This is the best way to remove dry soil, dry mud, dog & cat hair, dust from your tile & grout floor. Ideally, vacuum everyday if you have time, but at least once a week should be adequate.
Avoid the mop & bucket – One of the biggest problems with tile & grout flooring are the gaps between the tiles. These are valley’s that act like dirt traps that the dirt falls into. A mop and bucket typically moves the dirt around until it falls into the grout (which can also be very absorbent) valleys which is why they normally get dirty quite quickly. You may find it better to use a wet & dry cleaner as explained below.
Deal with Spills & Stain immediately – Try not to let spills and stains absorbed into the grout. The quicker you wipe these up the better the floor will remain.
Wet & Dry vacuum cleaner – If you can purchase a domestic wet & dry cleaner from a DIY store, then this can be the best option. The good thing about these machines is that unlike a mop and bucket, they lift the dirt off the floor more effectively and leave the floor almost dry.
Maintenance plan – The easiest option by far is to have a professional company look after your floor for you and keep it looking clean and great all year round. This can be via a maintenance plan that cleans your tile and grout from once a month to once a year depending on budget, requirements and level of maintenance required.
I hope this helps in a small way to help you keep your tile and grout floors looking great. If your floors are looking a bit tired and in need of a bit of TLC then you can contact us and we can arrange a FREE consultation to assess your floors and advice you on the best way to get them looing great again.
Call us on 020 8687 1711 or email or visit our website

Monday, 1 September 2014

Some Testimonials Recieved This Year

Here are some testimonials we have received in 2014. You can contact us on 020 8687 1711, to book your free consultation.


Average: 10

This is a fantastic company with knowledgeable, courteous operatives and a high standard of workmanship. They use gentle eco cleaning materials instead of harsh chemicals. They apply the mixture and leave it to soak in before rinsing. This differs from other carpet cleaners which can leave a sticky residue that attracts more dirt! I thoroughly recommend Direct Cleaners who also leave you a bottle of stain remover for future spillage.

Ms Andrews based in London, 14 August 2014

Average: 9.5

Exactly what I was after, on budget and on time! Sue at their office was so helpful, even managed to re-arrange appointments to fit me in a week earlier than they initially could as I had tradesmen due in the following week. The clean up had to happen first and their fitting me in meant we were not held up and could continue as planned. A big thanks!

Mr Mallett based in Sutton, 16 July 2014

Average: 9.5

Mick who came to the house to evaluate and cost the work and then returned the rugs cleaned off-site was charming, friendly, professional and gave me confidence in what I might get from Direct Cleaners. Sue at the end of the telephone was always friendly and helpful. The work was done to a high standard and everything was wonderfully clean after - some items were very grubby.

Malcolm Alsop based in London, 12 July 2014

Average: 9.5

Excellent work. Took huge amount of time to make sure everything was perfect. Very polite and friendly.

Mrs Fitton based in Richmond, 22 July 2014

Average: 10

Really pleased with the results. Tiny area on my bedroom carpet where my little one had weed on it that was spot cleaned and now looks a bit bleached but otherwise I thought it was a good job done. I would use them again. I thought too my expectations were well managed which means I can trust them. No advice on aftercare I realised afterwards. My sofa had been scotch guarded and I would like to know if that has now been compromised as a result of having it cleaned. That's the only thing I can think of.

Mrs Joanne Cyphus Mason based in London, 6 May 2014

Average: 10

Direct Cleaners prioritised my job when they saw photos of mould that had appeared on the sofa in my rental flat and were extremely helpful in reviewing photographs before coming out in case the damage looked too severe for cleaning. I have used this company before and found the level of cleaning and service far superior to a cheaper company I have also used to clean my carpets. I would highly recommend them for cleaning your house if you want a good job done by a friendly team.

Suzy Luck based in Esher, 17 March 2014


Fantastic result after a year of a little dog living with me, the lounge carpet looked like new again. Fabric covered dining chairs completely clean. I was amazed at how good the result is. Thank you Direct Cleaners T/A Eco Carpet Care Sutton and Wimbledon again.

Miss Greenall based in London, 23 January 2014


Brilliant company. Nice people to deal with and the quality of the rug cleaning was fantastic. We had five dirty old rugs and after cleaning they looked like new. Colours we hadn't seen in years were revealed again. The price was very reasonable. My advice is don't chuck out your old rugs until you've tried this company. You'll be pleasantly surprised and save money too. We will definitely use them again.

Ms Bess based in London, 11 December 2013

They did an excellent job! There were some stains on the cream carpet that the previous tenants had left two years ago and a prior professional clean, failed to remove. I was shocked and very pleasantly surprised when the team from Direct Cleaners removed those stains. Today I received my full deposit back from the lettings agents. Thank you Direct Cleaners!

Miss S Morgan based in Wallington, 25 November 2013


Excellent service and was talked through the cleaning process undertaken.

Mr Wallace based in London, 28 November 2013


We have a maintenance plan and are always very pleased with the service and results.

Katharine Sampson based in London, 2 December 2013


This is the second time I have used Direct Cleaners T/A Eco Carpet Care Sutton and Wimbledon. My husband has many allergies and so it is important to have chemical free, anti allergen treatments. My carpet looks as good as new again. I can recommend this company most highly!

Mrs E Kingaby based in London, 6 November 2013

7 Easy Steps to Stop Dust Mites Allergies, Wheezing, Asthma Attacks, Dependence of Pumps & Shortness of Breath

Find Out How To Stop Your Wheezing, Attacks, Dependence Of Pumps And Shortness Of Breath In 6 Months Or Less.
Most of the above systems are caused by the house dust-mite. In fact, not the actual dust-mite, but the dust-mite faeces.
I tell show you how you can easily eliminate dust-mites therefore the asthma and allergies they cause, in 6 months or less. By following these 7 easy steps I show you, you will wonder why you have been suffering the symptoms of asthma and allergies for so long.

Now let’s quickly clear up one myth: You DO NOT get rid of dust-mites and allergies by ripping out your carpets. In fact, you could be making it worse!

Independent tests have consistently shown there are more dust-mite allergens in the air of rooms without carpets, then rooms with carpets.
Here are the 7 steps:

1.   Professionally clean and dust-mite elimination treatment and protection of all bedrooms and possibly mattresses.

It is true carpets absorb airborne allergens. But this is a good thing because the allergens are better in the carpet, then in the air where we breath them in. Unfortunately hard floors do not absorb allergens so the allergens stay in the air for us to breath in. By professionally cleaning the carpets you remove the allergens and dust-mites with the correct treatments.
2.   Air bedroom with good ventilation.

Dust-mites hate fresh air but they love warn humid conditions. Simply by opening the windows for up to 60 minutes a day (or as long as you can) will eliminate the majority of dust-mites. Also pull the bedding and sheets back to ‘air’ the bed each day.
3.   Buy allergy pillow cases or launder your existing ones.

Pillow cases more than 6 months old should be laundered. Dust-mites love the conditions of pillows which makes the perfect breeding ground for them. Fight against this by purchasing allergy pillow cases or regularly laundering the pillows to get rid of the dust-mites.
4.   Regular vacuuming

a.    Carpet (1-2 times a week)

b.    Mattress (1 a month)

c.    Upholstery (1 a month)

Don’t under estimate the importance of vacuuming. You remove 70-80% of dust and soil in the carpet each time you vacuum. Try to use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter.
5.   Regular changing of bedding sheets (minimum 1 a month).

Again, don’t let the dust-mites get comfortable, by regularly changing the bedding you will keep the dust-mites at bay.
6.   Turning mattress over (minimum every 6 months)

Not only will this keep your mattress in better condition and more supportive but again with the method above will prevent dust mites from living in the same liveable  conditions.
7.    Electric blankets (in winter)

The dry high temperature when using electric blankets will ‘dry-out’ the dust-mites and prevent them from surviving in these hot, dry conditions.
Bonus Tip!

8.   Regular professional cleaning (1-2 a year)

To be absolutely certain you are completely rid of all dust-mites and other allergens, get your carpets cleaned and maintained every 6 – 24 months. The best form of carpet cleaning is gentle regular maintenance
Would you like local help in the implementation of the above plan and further information?

Contact me at and I will send you a booklet showing you…

1.    What causes asthma.

2.    What triggers asthma.

3.    Why asthma has been on the increase.

4.    Why doctors and large drug companies have not got a cure for asthma.

5.    2 steps to instantly relieve asthma in 24 hours using no drugs or pumps.

6.    The 8 step system to stop asthma completely in 6 months or less.

7.    How you can prevent asthma forever.

8.    Plus much much more.
You will get all this free of charge by contacting me on
You can also arrange a free consultation where I will take you step by step through my Asthma Care Programme that is proven to eliminate the cause of Asthma and stop asthma in less than 6 months.
If this of interest to you contact us on 020 8687 1711 or email or go to our website for more information