Wednesday, 10 September 2014

How to Maintain Your Tile and Grout Floor

Once we’ve cleaned and re-stored a tile & grout or natural stone floor, the biggest question we get is… How do I keep it looking clean?
Okay, so you’ve now got a lovely, new looking, clean floor… How do you keep it looking clean?!
The following is to give you a guide on how to keep your Tile & Grout floors looking great and well maintained for a long time. Please note, I cannot cover all types of floors and conditions so this is intended to give you a general idea on maintaining tile & grout floors.
Regular Vacuuming – This is the best way to remove dry soil, dry mud, dog & cat hair, dust from your tile & grout floor. Ideally, vacuum everyday if you have time, but at least once a week should be adequate.
Avoid the mop & bucket – One of the biggest problems with tile & grout flooring are the gaps between the tiles. These are valley’s that act like dirt traps that the dirt falls into. A mop and bucket typically moves the dirt around until it falls into the grout (which can also be very absorbent) valleys which is why they normally get dirty quite quickly. You may find it better to use a wet & dry cleaner as explained below.
Deal with Spills & Stain immediately – Try not to let spills and stains absorbed into the grout. The quicker you wipe these up the better the floor will remain.
Wet & Dry vacuum cleaner – If you can purchase a domestic wet & dry cleaner from a DIY store, then this can be the best option. The good thing about these machines is that unlike a mop and bucket, they lift the dirt off the floor more effectively and leave the floor almost dry.
Maintenance plan – The easiest option by far is to have a professional company look after your floor for you and keep it looking clean and great all year round. This can be via a maintenance plan that cleans your tile and grout from once a month to once a year depending on budget, requirements and level of maintenance required.
I hope this helps in a small way to help you keep your tile and grout floors looking great. If your floors are looking a bit tired and in need of a bit of TLC then you can contact us and we can arrange a FREE consultation to assess your floors and advice you on the best way to get them looing great again.
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