Monday, 15 September 2014

“It’s Astounding The Miracle Self-Cleaning Carpet!”

“And You Don’t Even Have To Replace Your Carpet!!

“Discover How too You Can Have A Self-Cleaning Carpet!”

The Dinner Party…
Imagine this...
You’re having a dinner party with friends. Someone spills a glass of Red Wine all over your carpet. You smile and assure your friend it is not a problem. Five minutes later the stain is completely gone.

The In-laws…

You’ve got the in-laws coming to visit the day after tomorrow. But one of the children walk-in mud all over the carpet. On top of that, grease or tar from the pavement has been walked in and left greasy marks everywhere. NO PROBLEM. By the time the in-laws arrive the carpet looks like new again!

The Two Year Old…

You’re two year old drops their favourite biscuit on the carpet, picks it up and eats it. Normally you would be terrified, but you know your two year old is completely safe, your carpet is the cleanest and safest it could ever be.

A Nightmare or a Dream...?

For all of the above you haven’t got your cheque-book out, haven’t paid any call-out fees or paid anyone a single penny. Is it a dream…? NO. You have a Self-Cleaning Carpet… Or a Perfect Care Carpet Maintenance Plan from Direct Cleaners.
Be The Envy of Your all Friends & Neighbours

The Perfect Care Carpet Maintenance Plan from Direct Cleaners gives you the carpets your friends, neighbours and relatives will envy.

Water Tight

Your carpets are protected with the best Stain protection on the market, backed-up with a ‘no hassle’ water tight free call-out stain guarantee.


Your carpets are treated with the best dust mite eliminator on the market, making your carpets the safest carpets they could ever be.


Your carpets are systematically cleaned and maintained every six months and re-protected every twelve months, making your carpets the cleanest anyone could ever have.

So, you get stain and dust mite carpet protection, regular carpet cleaning and free stain removal call-out, 365 days a year.

Cost Effective

To hire a professional carpet cleaning company to carry out all the above on an average 3 bedroom house would cost you between £400-£700 per year.

The Perfect Care Carpet Maintenance Plan from Direct Cleaners cost from only £25 per month. This Includes free stain call-out 365 days a year two maintenance cleans, stain & dust mite protection. It’s like having your very own carpet cleaning expert on call 24/7 whenever you need him! Priceless.

Free Gifts

You also get some free gifts such as a Life-Time supply of Master Stain remover (worth £17.99).

Full 7 Day, No Risk, Iron-Clad Money Back, Guarantee.

When we clean your carpets, you are fully covered by our 7 day no risk money back guarantee. You can post-date your cheque for 7 days if you like. If you are not completely satisfied with the work I will be straight back & put it right. If your are still not happy, I will not bank your cheque! What could be fairer? You have nothing to lose but the dirt.

Book now for your free, no obligation, written quotation. We will then start the Perfect Care Carpet Maintenance Plan to give you the cleanest, safest, freshest carpets you’ve ever had.

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