Thursday, 2 October 2014

Return Grout to its FULL Glory

Cleaning grout is one way to restore it to its former glory – not only will it look better, but it will be free of bacteria, dirt and other contaminants.

However unless sealed the whole process begins again – clear sealing is one option especially if the floor or surface is natural stone.

Another option is colour sealing. This process should not be confused with inferior products such as grout paints – the process not only colours the grout but seals it permanently!

Colour sealing – the Rolls Royce of grout cleaning…..easy to clean, hygienic, stain resistant

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are often used throughout the ground floor of properties. Pale colours such as ivory creams and off whites are often used to increase the feeling of lightness and space. They look stunning initially when the grout is clean, sharp and crisp but can very quickly with day to day living start to discolour in the grout lines. Left long enough the grout will eventually go black.

The answer – Colour Sealing

  • Colour Sealing eliminates variations in grout colour caused by stains, uneven colour lots, curing, fading or damage.
  • Colour Sealing provides a water tight, stain resistant, durable protection. With its built in mildicides ensures sanitation for years.
  • Colour Sealing can match almost any grout colour. You can maintain the original grout colour from wall to wall or more excitingly change the colour of the grout completely.
  • Colour Sealing is virtually odour free so its application does not disrupt a busy household.
  • Best of all colour seal greatly reduces ongoing maintenance-being completely impervious to moisture, dirt and grime cannot penetrate the sealed surface. Harsh chemicals can be replaced by neutral cleaners
  • Completely removes the need to remove grout from tiled surfaces which is not only very time consuming and costly but creates a lot of dust. In a hotel situation re-grouting can put a room out of action for a couple of days.
This is a sensational product – we have completely changed the feel of floors and walls using this product. Its use extends to bathrooms and showers in both commercial and domestic situations.

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Kevin Goodwin

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