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Why you Should Always WOW Customers and Clients & How to

Based on a study of human nature. People generally want four things:

§  To be liked, loved and respected. (Recognition).

§  Dependability

§  A High Level of Quality & Service

§  Visual Appeal.

These four principles should apply to every business, past, present & future.

BUT when we want to WOW the customer… CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS NOT ENOUGH.

Wow the CLIENT with above and beyond service and get their loyalty… Why would they want to go anywhere else?

There are 3 types of clients:

   Dissatisfied clients – Get less than they expected.

   Satisfied clients –Get what they expected. (woopy dee)

   Wowed clients -Get more than they expected. (This is the key to loyalty)

So Always Aim To…

“Do What You Do So Well And So Uniquely That Your Customers Can’t Resist Telling Others About You.”

Ask yourself, after you leave the client, will the client NOT be able to tell all their friends, and everybody else they encounter about you?

Wow your customers with Giveaways and Rewards

We all love a free gift, and they’re a fantastic promotion. Everyone likes a freebie. Some people will buy a product just to get the free gift! People love to receive something for nothing, so why not include free gifts with a certain products or a minimum spend.

When choosing FREE GIFTS try pick something you can add your company details too, and something with a value, that is useful so it will be kept and not discarded.

We give a Free ‘lifetime supply’ of Professional Eco Stain Remover to clients who spend over £120 + vat. Oh and free stain removal callouts.

Radical Ideas for WOWing Your Clients

During a survey, companies were asked what their most radical ideas were for WOWing a client.

Here are some of the ideas:

1) The Birthday

Susan from a recruitment company learned the birthday of one of her key clients. With the help of that person's manager, she threw a birthday party for her that included all of the trimmings...presents, a large cake, and great food. The recruitment company covered all of the expenses.

2) Random Acts of Under-Charging 

A firm decided to play with the idea of "random acts of kindness."

Their version was to under-charge certain clients. They printed the following message on their invoices:

“You may notice that we under-charged you on this invoice. This is simply our way of saying Thank You for your business”.

3) Don't Buy From Us

An employee got a call from a prospect. He knew that his company could do a reasonable job, but their number one competitor could do it better. So, he told the prospect exactly that, and who the competitor was.

4) Pay Us What You Think We're Worth

A firm in the Northeast empowered their account manager, in this unique way.

He was told to tell the next client he invoiced, that “they can choose the price they want to pay based on what they think the service is worth”.

If you had to do this, how would it make you look at your service?

What were the outcomes from some these radical ideas?

They reported new orders, expanded relationships, and referrals were received almost immediately.

So how about creating your own radical idea. Make it all about WOWing the client. Forget about any expectations for the outcome! Just see what happens.

To finish. (By Earl Nightingale, Lead the Field)

Here’s a fun and interesting exercise for you to try because all sorts of wonderful things can begin to happen. But you have to put in a bit of effort!!

Imagine meeting the most important person in the world. It could be The Queen, a film star, a pop / rock star, the prime minister… whoever.

Now, How Would You Act When You Actually Met This Person? How would you treat them? Would you be smiling? Would you treat them with respect? Would you be interested in them?

Now, Here’s the fun bit: Treat every person you meet, as the most important person on earth.

Do that for three excellent reasons.

1.    As far as every person is concerned, he or she is the most important person on earth!!

2.       That is the way people ought to treat each other.

3.       By treating everyone that way, we begin to form a very healthy and important habit.

There is nothing in the world that men, woman and children want and need more than self-esteemthe feeling that they’re LIKED AND RESPECTED, they’re important, they are recognized and that they count.

They will give their business, their respect and their loyalty to ANY person who fills this need. 

So don’t forget: Always WOW The Client

Let me know how you wow your clients, customers in your job or business in the comments below.

By Kevin Goodwin, Direct Cleaners Ltd,
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