Wednesday, 14 January 2015

A Positive, productive and efficient work-place

“A recent survey has proved that dirty carpets in the work-place significantly contributes to lower productivity, higher absenteeism and reduced motivation”.

“Clean and fresh carpets can increase productivity, lessen time taken off work and create a more positive & healthier environment”. 

More & more people are realising the large range of benefits for having their carpets & upholstery regularly cleaned. These benefits can include better; ‘Indoor Air Quality’, healthy fresh clean carpets, a cleaner looking working environment, increased carpet life, fewer stains, fewer odours etc…

Here Are My 5 Top Tips For Keeping Your Carpet Clean, Fresh & Looking Great All Year Round!

1.       Vacuum Regularly.
A very important thing you can do to look after your carpets is the most obvious. Vacuum them and often! When you vacuum your carpets, you remove loose soil and dirt that makes up about 80% of the overall soil in your carpet.
It is recommended carpets should be vacuumed 1-3 times per week to remove all loose soil and about 80% of the overall soil that gets in your carpet.

2.       Get Good Door Entrance Mats
The best types of doormats are the ones that absorb the dirt from your shoes. Cotton Fibre Mats or Tack Mats are very good as they are machine washable so you can easily maintain them yourself. Good door mats will remove 70-90% of dirt before it gets into your carpets.

3.       Let Mud Stains Dry
If mud is walked onto your carpet, let it dry, then vacuum it. Pouring stain removers onto mud will cause it to deepen into the carpet, thereby making more difficult to remove.
By the way, if you spill a drink onto your carpet absorb as much as you can onto a kitchen towel ASAP. Try not to rub the stain and be patient.

4.      Use a Carpet Protector.
This can make the difference between a permanent stain you’ll never forget and a stain that’s a distant memory. 

5.      Professionally Clean the Carpets.
All carpet manufactures recommend professional carpet cleaning 2 times per year. This will keep all the soil out of your carpet that causes premature wear & tear. Regular carpet cleaning also means more mild cleaning which is much better for your carpet.

One-off aggressive carpet cleaning can be very bad for your carpets if not carried out correctly. E.g Rapid re-soiling, long drying times, shrinkage etc…

Always use a professional company who carries out a full carpet survey and provides you with a written and guaranteed quotation.

By Kevin Goodwin, 020 8687 1711

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