Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Orange Stain on Carpet

I got the following question in this morning and thought I would share my answer…

Morning Kevin, a friend of mine has a problem with a stain from his daughter throwing up on the carpet. A carpet cleaner cleaned the stain but it is progressively turning orange. Can the process be reversed? Why is it happening?

My Answer

There are many variables for this type of thing, so it is very difficult to give a single answer without a lot more information.

The thing with vomit is that it alone can contain many different properties, (food colourings, acids, proteins, sugars etc…). Also the type carpet (natural or synthetic) and colour (white, cream, beige, dark) can have an effect on how the stain reacts. And then how the stain removal process was carried out can have an effect… What colour did the stain start out as? What products were used? Did the products make a difference or improvement to the stain? When did the stain start turning orange? Instantly or a few hours, days after?

If I had to attempt the stain without knowing the answers to the above questions, I would first flush the stained area with an extraction machine, with just pure water in order to remove anything that might be there.

If there is a vomit smell, I would then treat this with a product we use called Envirosafe, by Alltec that removes bacteria and other nasty’s that could cause problems.  Sometimes, this process alone can remove or improve the stain.

If no improvement is made and assuming the smell is gone, I would consider using a product called Specialist Stain Remover by Alltec. This product helps to lighten and reduce the colour of the stain. You would need to assess the reaction of the stain with this product because depending on the variables mentioned above, funny things can happen like the stain turning a funny colour or nothing happening at all etc… However, this product can prove to be quite successful to improve or remove the stain.

If that doesn’t work, then there are more powerful products (like dye removal chemicals) and techniques (like heat transfer) that can be used, but these require specialist and advance stain removal training in order to carry out and not ruin the carpet further. You would need a professionally train stain removal specialist to have a chance of making further improvements.

Other than that, if the stain is in an area of the room where a piece of furniture or rug can cover or hide it, then this can be the easiest solution ;0)

Depending on where the property is, I can get Mick or Jean to take a look at it for you (both trained in specialist stain removal) to see if there is anything they can do to help…

By Kevin Goodwin, Direct Cleaners Ltd,

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