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The Best Defense From Dust Mite Allergens and Stains!

“Imagine Being Kept Awake at Night by the Persistent Sound of a Dry Hacking Cough – And the Reason You Can’t Sleep Is Because It’s Your Child Coughing and there’s Absolutely Nothing You Can Do about It”

This is a very real problem faced by more and more parents every year.  

A dry hacking cough throughout the night is one of the symptoms of Asthma – even with medication.  

The British Allergy Foundation has described ASTHMA as “One of the most significant health problems in the western world” and  “The most common chronic childhood medical condition.” 

You may say no one in your family has Asthma or has been diagnosed as allergic to an allergen.   According to the British Allergy Foundation (BAF) most allergy’s go unrecognised and untreated or symptoms are simply wrongly diagnosed.  In fact BAF claim over 40% of the population suffer from allergies, and alarmingly over 50% of them are children.

Most symptoms associated with allergies are so common we don’t even realise they’re allergies – like Sneezing, Wheezing, Sinus Pain, Runny Nose, Coughing, Rash / Hives, Swelling, Itchy Eyes, Ears, Lips Throat and Palate (Roof of Mouth), Shortness of Breath, Sickness, Vomiting, Diarrhoea, and Increase in Secretions.

Lets face it – we’ve all experienced one or more of the symptoms described on page 1 - sometimes on a regular basis, but we never think we’re being affected by an allergen.   Today allergy’s makes life a misery for over 25 Million people in this country and the number of affected children grows each year  - the most disturbing fact is that the problem starts in the home!

“But, I Was Told It’s Not Good For Children
To Live In a Clean Sterile World”

This is often the cause of a lot of misunderstanding for parents – all the time I hear “I’m not going to wrap my child in cotton wool – a little dirt never did me any harm”.   

This is correct we all need to be exposed to a little dirt and bacteria to keep our immune systems working.  

However, our current domestic life style means we are exposed to a much larger amount of allergens than ever before.

According to Dr Robert Davies, Director of the British Allergy Foundation, you cannot build immunity to an allergen – you become sensitised to them.  Or in other words the more you are exposed to the allergens found in most domestic homes the more the risk of becoming allergic (or sensitised) to them.   

Another expert in this field is Dr John Maunder, of the Medical Entomology Centre in Cambridge, has proven that the main allergen we are exposed to is from the House Dust Mite.  Along with many experts Dr Maunder has been lobbying the government to make more people understand about allergies.

Over the years a lot of myths have been written about allergies – one of the biggest has been proven wrong.  For a long time the increase in Asthma sufferers was related with the increase in traffic pollution.  

The fact is there are a greater percentage of Asthma sufferers in the Highlands of Scotland as there is in central London. 

“So What Is It That Affects Us?”
Research has shown that the House Dust Mites are not the direct problem for asthmatics, but their droppings are.  This has been a known allergen (called Der P 1.) for over 30 years, but it’s only recently that researchers have proven it’s not just simply a common allergen - but the main cause of Asthma and the most harmful allergen in the home.

The House Dust Mite is found mainly in our bedrooms.  They live in our mattress as we supply them with food with our dead skin cells and water with our perspiration.   The reason they are causing more problems is that over the years we have unknowingly developed our homes into the perfect breeding ground for them.  

Double-glazing and central heating increases the humidity while reducing the amount of fresh air, and with us spending up to a third of our lives in our bedroom – it’s the most important environment that affects our health.   Therefore if we can remove the Mites, and stop them from returning, we can stop the Der P 1 allergen, this will stop or most certainly prevent asthma in most cases.

“So what is PROmite™”

Used as part of an Allergy Control Programme PROmite™ will prevent the House Dust Mite from living in or on any surface, which has been treated and prevents them from returning for up to 12-14 months.  We do not claim to be able to cure asthmatics
100%, but all of the research available to us indicates that PROmite™ will vastly reduce the chance dust mites have in affecting our health.

The Medical Entomology Centre in Cambridge independently tested PROmite™ firstly – they are experts on the House Dust Mites and their allergens.  PROmite™ was then recommended for testing to the UK’s leading Allergy Research body - the British Allergy Foundation.      

In the year 2000 the British Allergy Foundation awarded PROmite™ with their ‘Seal of Approval’ in recognition of its ability to stop and prevent allergies and to be safe in the home.  There is no other product that can boost such high approval or any way near the as long-term success of PROmite™

“Long-Term Protection”

Some current Dust Mite sprays that are available over the counter may kill Dust Mites, however, there is no long-term benefit and they can start infesting a once Dust Mite free area as soon as the effects of the spray are gone – this can be within a few days - whereas PROmite™ continues to kill the mite and prevents them from returning. 

This is due to the PROmite™ treatment being carried by a special Protection treatment.  The protector is a polymer, which wraps it’s self around each and every fibre and bonds to the surface.  The part that kills the Mite is therefore held in, on and around each fibre and as the protector wears down it continues to release more PROmite™.

“Is PROmite™ Safe to Use With Young Children”

PROmite™ is totally safe for young children and animals (even pets can suffer from the House Dust Mite).  Of course Direct Cleaners wouldn’t be involved if there was a doubt about the product.  

PROmite™ has been independently tested and approved for use in the home by the Health and Safety Executive, the Medical Entomology Centre and of course the British Allergy Foundation. 

In fact the main product, known as a ‘Synthetic Pyrethroid’ is used in many every day products already.  You can find it in children’s Shampoo’s to stop lice and Insect Repellants that are sprayed direct onto the skin.        

Furthermore, PROmite™ is only available to companies - such as Direct Cleaners, who have been trained in its correct use.

“Provides Long Term Stain Resistance”

As previously mentioned, the polymer base wraps itself completely around the fibre and bonds to the surface.  

This coating is a mighty 3 atoms thick (don’t ring and ask me how they measure 3 atoms, but the reports say it is), and due to the fact that it totally covers the fibre, it provides long-term protection against everyday spills and stains, retards foot traffic wear and makes cleaning easier for you. 

Up until now, we have relied on Fluorochemicals (such Scotchgard or Teflon) for our stain protection.  The technology these are based on is now 50 years old and as we have all found out, wear and clean off very quickly.  But PROmite™ keeps your furniture looking and feeling as new as the day you purchased them.

Imagine, Your Carpet Giving You a Healthier Life”

Just think, in one simple operation, we can remove the allergen from your home by professionally cleaning your carpets, upholstery or mattresses, we can kill and remove the Dust Mites, protect your items from every day spills and stains as well as giving you the peace-of-mind that PROmite™ will continue to protect your family from allergens – and it’s as safe as a shampoo.

Buying new carpets, upholstery or mattresses?  PROmite™ is also for you as Direct Cleaners can also treat item from new.  No they don’t have to be cleaned first, just treated like we would normally spray on Scotchgard or any other protector.  Benefits are the same, a fibre that will allow you and your family to live a healthier life.

“But there’s more…”
NO, we don’t offer free steak knives, but we’re sure you’ll agree the benefits to your home and to your family will be totally amazing.  Just like many of our clients that already have PROmite™ you’ll notice a difference straight away – even if you’ve never suffered from an allergy before.
The End Result, A Home Treated With PROmite™ Is A Healthy Home! 
Perhaps Then We’ll See Less Trips To The Doctor Or Less Days Off Work Sick…

Here’s A Healthy Home Benefit For You . . .
You may have thought cleaning and protection is expensive.  Well it can be with some companies, now here at Direct Cleaners, we pride ourselves on giving the best possible service at the best possible price.

What price can you put on your families health?  I’m sure you’ll agree PROmite™ is worth its weight in gold – but here’s chance to save on our service.
Call us and book your free consultation and we will give you a free treatment of Promite  for every 3 room we clean.
This will enable you to test Promite for yourself and really find out if this is as good as we say it is. 
By Kevin Goodwin, 020 8687 1711

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