Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Is Your Cleaner Really Green? 7 Deadly Sins of Green Cleaning Products

Eco cleaning is not just about using a new eco product, it’s about the whole process, from
manufacture, transportation, application and disposal. Here are the most important issues you should be considering when choosing and using eco cleaning companies and products.

1.         Hidden Trade-off.
The disposal issue. Every cleaning system, whether it’s eco or not has to be disposed of in a safe way. Eco products still contact chemicals, which in the wrong environment, could cause more harm than the good it was intended to do. The method and system a company has for its chemical (eco or not) disposal can be as important as the product itself.

2.         No proof of ‘Greenness’.
There are many products on the marking that are very cleaver at looking green. Just because a product had a nice green leaf or flower on it does not mean it’s truly green. Do some research and look for approved Green logo’s on a product to make sure it really is what it is claiming to be. GreenSeal, EcoLogo, and the Green WoolSafe Logo are good guides to look for.

3.         Vagueness – “All Natural”.
Again, this is companies being very cleaver with the wordings they use to mislead us into buying products that look green. Just because it says on the label or ad, ‘derived from natural sources’ does not mean it is green. Think about it, almost everything is derived from natural sources.

4.         False Labels, suggestions and made up guilds.
Some companies and even made up their own accreditation in order to put an official looking logo on their product or ad. Like the advice about, do your research.

5.         Irrelevance
Some companies still claim ‘CFC Free’, which has been banned since 1987! If it says it’s free from products that have been out of use for years is irrelevant, but it still goes on the label to mislead you into thinking it’s a great green product.

6.         What is the packaging saying to you.
Just because it has an eco-friendly product inside the bottle, which is good, is the packaging doing its bit to cut down on land fill and unnecessary waste? Is there any unnecessary packaging? Can you get the product in higher concentrations? Can you reuse the packaging? Can you recycle the packaging (last resort)?

7.         Fibbing
Some companies claim what they are not. It is very easy to claim Green and Eco credentials, but it can be quite a challenge to live by this and not always practice what they preach.

Green cleaning is an offering many companies claim, because it’s a very easy marketing angle to focus on, but as we can see there are many aspects to eco claims and not everything is equal when it comes to what it says on the label.

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